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Nature Trails

Nature Trails

Bask in the essence of our Panamanian Rainforest, as you join one of our guided tours through walking trails that range from 239 - 3379 meters.


Our walking trails are the following:


Heliconia Trail: Extension: 239 meters (About 30 minutes) 
Ideal for families with children that would like to admire butterflies in different life stages as well as some frogs. 
The most principal characteristic, is that you can view Heliconia flowers, some tree stations and some vines. This trail leads into the Butterfly Farm. 


La Palma Trail: Extension (roundtrip): 1914 meters (About 1.5 Hours). Walking trail with low difficulty. 
This is ideal for every nature lover that would like to walk amongst the rainforest and reach the train tracks of our Panama Canal Railway Station. In this trail, you may encounter several bird species, and animals such as agouti, coati, and even some monkeys! This trail has 13 stations that describe the names of some trees in the path, as well as several palm trees along the way. This trail is relatively easy to walk through, even in the rainy season. 


Las Rocas Trail: Extension (roundtrip): 1743 meters (About 1.5 hours). Walking trail with medium low difficulty.
This walking trail takes you through the rainforest where you can view a rare sighting of several different sized rocks that are placed one on top of each other, naturally; which is where our trail’s name derives from. To be able to see this sighting, you would have to leave our trail about 50 meters (although you may see some along the way). We recommend hiking boots for this particular path. 


Summit Trail: Extension (roundtrip): 3379 meters (About 3 Hours). Walking trail with medium difficulty.
This walking trail is the perfect experience for a nature lover that’s not afraid of a bit of a challenge! Along this trail, you’ll be able to reach the highest peak of our area, where you will be able to view our Centennial Bridge (206 meters at the Summit). Along the way, you will be able to find wild animals such as trogloxene (cave animals), agouti, coati, monkeys and deer. In addition to this, you may also find local trees, such as Corotu (also the name of our biggest event room), cashew trees, and palm trees, amongst others. 


Our on-property tours include several day-hikes that involve a visit to our butterfly farm and frog farm and a journey to one of our walking trails, which reach the train tracks of the Panama Canal Railway Company. They also include golf cart rides in peak animal-viewing hours, as well as adventurous Night Tours in our Summit Walking Trail. 


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