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Butterfly Farm and Frog Farm

Butterfly Farm and Frog Farm

From blue morphos to owl butterflies, the flying beauties at the Summit Butterfly Farm enchant children and adults alike. You’ll find our butterfly farm at the exit of the Heliconia Trail, where you will observe dozens of insects in various stages of transformation, from caterpillars to butterflies. Then, as you exit the butterfly farm, you’ll be able to lead into our frog farm, where you will be able to encounter night frogs and day frogs. You’ll also be able to witness tadpoles in our ponds. Guided tours are available (fees apply). 

The following is a list of a few of our species: 

Agalychnis callidryas
Dendrobates auratus
Smilisca phaeota 
Siproeta stelenes
Danaus plexippus
Morpho helenor
Heliconius sara
Heliconius erato
Heliconius hecale
Caligo memnon
Colobura dirce
Hamadryas februa
Hamadryas loadamia


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