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Butterfly in nature

Responsible Business Practices

Read our Commitment to the World

Hotels play an important role in the travel and tourism industry, and this resort is committed to contributing to the economic development of the local community and local communities around the world. At the Summit Rainforest & Golf Resort, our lodging practices show our responsibility to the people and the physical environment of surrounding communities—a responsibility to see that the community is not hurt by our presence but instead enhanced by it, both economically and socially.

Slough climbing tree

This goal is achieved by focusing on the following important areas:

  1. Reducing the use of items that negatively impact our environment
  2. Showing leadership in social and ethical responsibility issues within the company as well as in the community
  3. Promoting diversity, inclusion, as well as the health, safety and security of all employees and guests
  4. Offering spaces that can be used as investigation centers for universities 
  5. Rescuing and nursing animals in need, to later release them back in their natural habitat
  6. Practicing recycling and energy saving processes within our property
  7. Creating lifecycles of butterflies and frogs that can be later released to populate our natural environment
  8. Working in conjunction with the Summit Botanical Gardens to collect funds for the rehabilitation and medical needs of animals that have been mistreated or hurt
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