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Our History

Discover What Makes Us Different

The Summit Golf Club was built in the 1930s and served as a course for the residents of the U.S. military bases and for the workers of the Panama Canal. The course was built in the Camino de Cruces National Park, which is where the Spaniards transported gold in the Colonial era. 

It was only until 1850, where the Panama Canal Railway Company was built, that the Camino de Cruces was no longer used for transit.

The Camino de Cruces National Park is also located between the Metropolitan and Soberania National Parks, which is why you will encounter over 1,000 different bird species that migrate through this forestal route on a yearly basis.

It was only until 1999, that our family found this abandoned gem, and began to construct what is now our Summit Golf Club. 

In 2009, our property became a part of the Carlson Rezidor Brand, as the Radisson Summit Resort & Golf Panama.

The Radisson Summit became a city escape for both national and international clientele, and was also recognized 7 times with the President's Award for its consistency with positive reviews.

But throughout this memorable journey as a franchised resort, our staff began developing a stronger passion for all of the beauty that surrounds this property, as well as the preservation of all of the flora and fauna that one can encounter on a daily basis.

It was only until June 2019, where our staff found its true and natural calling, became a resort that focuses on performing eco-friendly practices, and dedicates its entirety to promoting the beauty of Panama. 

Sitting are with view of rainforest
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